Ui Design Feedback Norms

Preparing for the Written Projects

Throughout this intensive, you will be creating and sharing written work. Writing about and discussing designs is essential to learning and practicing the skills of designing for usability. Designs are not made in a vacuum, and you need to be able to communicate and justify your design decisions to your collaborators. Completing the written portion of the capstone project is required to earn a certificate of completion.

Technical requirements:

  • Google drive
  • Slack

You will need a Google drive account in order to get the templates for the written assignments and to share and receive feedback on your work with your peers. These templates will contain detailed instructions on how to complete the project and share it with your peers. You will use Slack throughout the course to get help from your peers and to post your written work. When you are prompted to seek feedback from a peer in your slack channel, please also give feedback to someone else. If no one has reviewed your work within 24 hours, go ahead and post it again. If you are still having trouble getting a review, get in touch with a mentor who will either help connect you with another student who needs to exchange feedback, or they will give you feedback themselves. You are strongly recommended to download the Slack desktop app, as this will help you make the most of the network of peers and Slack Moderators.

Community requirements:

  • Give constructive feedback, and don’t be afraid to bring up differences of opinion. It is natural for designers to have different opinions on what is best for the users.
  • Stick to reviewing the work! Feedback that is personal or offensive will not be tolerated.

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