Going Beyond With Heroku

Basics of Heroku

Up to this point, you need to know Hiroko has a lot of offers, even a free account:

Heroku CLI

Once you know the basics of Hiroko and what it can do for you, the next step heroku login

The Hiroko Login command will start a new page in your web browser by pressing any key

heroku create

This command will create an app and give it a randomly generated name. Config Vars

Anything you don’t want to display in your source code (such as API keys or database login credentials), as well as things that vary between environments (such as usernames, Or URL).

You can also configure configuration wars using CLL.

heroku config:set API_KEY=2RXvacdFdcNWVpLDoaaU8

Here, Every app developed on Hiroko uses the Hiroku domain (your-app-name.herokuapp.com).

Click the Add Domain button and enter your domain in the panel that slipped, then click the Next button.

You can also add a custom domain via CLI by tiling:

heroku domains:add www.example.com

Reason, Once you get the DNS target, Hiroko offers a free << Hiroko PostGrace data service for all users.

Hiroko Adons Klas

<p class = But it may be easier to apply postgres in CLI, as you can also interact with the database in your terminal.

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev

Use this command Creating a Database is beyond the scope of this article, but You’ve learned how to deploy a backend app with Hiroko, but you can also deploy a fully operational full stack app on Hiroko’s platform. Premium Features

If your app starts to increase traffic, or you decide to use a custom domain, Beyond the Hobby Dino Plan, there are professional projects that aim to provide businesses with additional features to meet their needs. Wrap Up

Way to go!

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